Mind Under Master - Becca Pierce - Fathers Day Gift Part 1

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  • 5 months ago

Becca looks into the light and recites her Father's Day mantra. "I am in love with my stepfather. I need to please my stepfather. He is my daddy and I am his little girl. I need to be his Father's Day gift. My purpose is to please him. To be the very best Father's Day gift for my daddy. I am meant to please daddy. I am meant to serve daddy. I am meant to worship daddy. I will bathe daddy. I wanna prove I can be a good girl for daddy. I want to prove I can please daddy. I'll be very sneaky. I'll make sure mommy's not around and I'll take his cock out and please it. With my little mouth and my little hands. Anything daddy wants, daddy gets."

She gets him and strips out of her little shorts and puts on her cheer uniform for daddy. He waits for her on the sofa, her mom is still at work as Becca gets daddy hard and falls to her knees for him. She strips off her cheer uniform and lovingly kisses and licks his hard cock. She promises to be a good girl, to make daddy happy. She'll be quite. She'll be sneaky. Mommy will never find out she's his little fucktoy. She begs for his cum. She wants to know she's been a good girl. She wants to know he is pleased with his Father's Day gift.


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