Danae Mari - Magic Lamp - Fortuneteller Scammer Grants The "Sucker's" Wishes

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  • 1 month ago

Danae loves suckers like Michael. Paying a fortune for a "magic lamp" What an idiot. Of course she explains that the lamp only grants wishes to those who are worthy. It's not her fault he's not special enough for the spirit of the lamp. The lamp's magic spirit must see Michael differently though because his wishes are granted, by Danae.

WISH - An exotic woman to dance and tease him

WISH - A sexy woman making herself cum while he watches

WISH- A hot woman begging him to eat her pussy and Being the Best Pussy Eater Ever!

WISH -Getting a refund for the Lamp

WISH -A hot sexy woman begging to suck his cock

WISH - A willing sex slave to beg to be fucked


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